Shalom Worship Centre -  A "Non-Denominational Apostolic Healing Church"

       Shalom... and welcome!  
 "Be refreshed in His presence!" 

Alternating Saturday & Sunday Worship services 10.30am
Shalom House Church
116 Waverley Avenue
This week our service is on the Sunday September 17th at 10.30am
Check with Felicity for next couple of weeks. 
Will put up once confirmed.

Wednesday nights  7pm @ Shalom House led by Robert & Heather

The Ruby Connection clothing ministry is available as required with much work also being done to revamp and incorporating the food bank ... working on a new look and ministry focus with for more days open.

Presently operating Wednesdays 10am-5pm (pending weather) but developing facility with more volunteers to be also available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays  from approx. 2-4pm. 
In the summer months the hours are extended to accommodate the influx of island visitors and backpackers for the tomato harvest & local fruit picking and their long work hours. However we do seek to be  available for any emergency relief needs- clothing, footwear, essential food items etc. whenever required.
 You are welcome to contact Ps. Felicity (0429866478) or visit the House.

If you have a couple hours, a helping hand is always welcome.
We offer a community meal on Wednesdays and with added help will re-establish and develop the community garden. 

Please also consider our $15 month Child Sponsorship program with our Children's Mission project in Uganda... the Grace Community Children's Centre run by Pastor Robert  

Ps. Felicity Reid Ph. (03) 58552429   mobile 0429866478
Ps. Helen Mathewson (Hospitality) 
Ps. Wayne & Deanne Phillingham- Ph. (03) 58242584  0417166163
Sinai Ministries (Counselling) 
Prayer Ministry- Robert and Heather Harding
Mobile 0409800388