Shalom Worship Centre -  A "Non-Denominational Apostolic Healing Church"

Introducing Susan and David Fulton who embarked on a mammoth fundraising effort in undertaking a 4000 km bike ride from Sydney to Perth and  raised $8,000 for Pastor Robert's ministry in Entebbe, Uganda.
100% of the money raised as donations is being used to support the Grace Community Children Centre in Entebbe, Uganda and has supplemented what is raised through The Ruby Connection clothing ministry and the Child Sponsorship of $15 month. We are hoping to get this more in focus in the coming months. 

Pastor Robert Muyiinza's vision in Entebbe Uganda is to provide a school for  orphans and other needy children, youth, in the community, with the objective to help them know God, escape the bonds of of poverty, and hopelessness.  This is achieved through providing education, life skills, values, and a caring environment.  
" I  saw hopelessness in the community, when the children were not going to school and those who were trying to go it was very hard for them because of lacking the basics school need, I thought I can help and contribute some thing through education etc in order to profit(advance, thrive) themselves and the community."

... we can all make a difference!
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