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Testimonies- Canberra Revival 

Canberra Meetings (November 14th 2013)

Dear Pastor Felicity,
Thank you so much for the letter. It was truly a blessing to attend the meeting at Canberra House of Prayer. I am one of the intercessors that meet at CHoP on a weekly bases. On a personal level, I was going through a period of just sensing in my spirit that I needed a special touch- a time of refreshing. The Lord gave me a promise that I would have a time of rebooting, just like when a computer is malfunctioning. In fact it practically happened that my computer malfunctioned for a few days, until I went to the reboot function and by the grace of God, the system was back to normal. The Lord began to minister to me from that experience how sometimes as believers we need a special touch to reboot the system. It wasn't one event or one encounter but during that week I was expectant. The meeting on Thursday was one very key opportunity to be in the presence of God and have a time to be rebooted. As we were closing the worship time, the Lord spoke to me about Malachi 3, how that He comes as a launderer's soap and a refiner. I just wanted the Spirit of God to do something new in my life. The Word of God being ministered that evening was sharp as a double edged sword and the time of prayer was a great tool too. I am so thankful that I came that evening. May the Lord's promise to Shalom Worship Centre be fulfilled as you and your team continue to walk in obedience to His calling.
Dawn M

Canberra House Of Prayer   Apr 2 (5 days ago)  to Canberra

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,Thank you for your prayers….we PRAISE God for this season that God the Father is drawing us ever closer,(please see confirmatory word of C-HOP vision below & attached); He is revealing himself as the Loving Father….this last weekend with Adrian Beale’s marvelous prophetic teaching and also Ps John Fancin Ibe Teaching and wonderful worship and intercession team …it was amazing, a breakthrough powerful time in the Spirit…I don’t have the words to describe the presence of the Lord in some of the worship sessions then as John unpacked the word of God….exhorting us to allow the LIGHT of GOD to be burning in our homes….establishing the family altar again, and bringing God’s divine order and peace, shalom into our homes…..foundations before Revival can be released……..we will possess our Land as we know our identity in God.

Praise God, this humble man of God a missionary from Nigeria, John Fancin Ibe  (who is based in Victoria)….senses to be returning to C-Hop in mid May….May 16-18 TBC….hoping that you will be able to come and be strengthened through his ministry…claim the dates, and through the gatherings with servants of the Lord God is bringing to C-HOP over this next season leading up to Easter….be encouraged to keep the course of  

Dear Dawn, Felicity, Ps John, Bob & Helen, Wayne & Deanne,
Praise God for your faithfulness in coming and standing in the gap at C-HoP and for your pouring out your hearts in obedience to the Lord…..
We were truly Blessed, and the message of God’s light burning in our hearts and homes has gone deep into my heart…God bringing His divine order…in fact a delightful man has turned up offering his services to help us practically to get this place in order and sorted out with endless unfinished jobs… in the spiritual, so in the heart and soul as well as the physical house….
Thank you again for your love and ministry here as we thank our Lord and Saviour for His Grace to every one of us…especially remembering his sacrifice in this Passover Season…. Hilary & Paul

Dear Pastor Felicity, Pastor John, Pastors Bob and Helen and Pastors Wayne and Deanne,
I believe you had a wonderful trip back to Victoria. What an epic event, Possessing our Inheritance by knowing our identity.It was a great honour to meet you all and to spend some time together. Words can not express how blessed I was. The Word in due season was delivered with clarity and apostolic authority and we praise the Lord. I was also truly blessed by the Worship. I am really looking forward to the upcoming meetings in Mid May at the Canberra House of Prayer.
I am sending some pictures and videos. Precious Memories, Hope you enjoy seeing them.
Love and blessings,