Shalom Worship Centre -  A "Non-Denominational Apostolic Healing Church"

Sunday Service Time 10am
116 Waverley Avenue Merrigum

Shalom... and welcome to our website. "Shalom" is Hebrew for peace, tranquility, safety,well- being, integrity, success, welfare, wholeness, comfort & health.. being total wholeness... spirit, soul and body... a sense of completeness... the abundant life promised in Yeshua ... Jesus'name in Hebrew.
We are not a Jewish church but we respect that our Christian faith has a Jewish heritage reflected in some of our music. We welcome all nations and delight in the cross-cultural mix we encounter here in Merrigum with visitors from all over the world. It's a wonderful family to belong!

Praise & Worship
You are welcome to join us Sunday mornings at our new time 10am @ 116 Waverley Avenue Merrigum. We often provide a special lunch after the service if there's a birthday or other special event to celebrate. We at least have a cuppa and you are always welcome to join us.
 Our Tongan family love to share their hospitality gift and as we prepare for the coming fruit season here in Merrigum we look forward to developing our outdoor program.
The Faáoso family live in, and busy working the Merrigum Cafe directly opposite our "House Church" believing this is another opportunity to connect with community.

Our next event is
 Rainbow Day
Sunday September 28th 
116 Waverley Avenue Merrigum
12 noon- 4pm
Free Barbecue Lunch 12 noon
Games, Activities... etc.
Rainbow Party approx. 3pm
Operation Christmas Child Boxes- 
check Events page for more info

We have a loving faithful God who truly cares and knows us by name.
Pictured left- Mummy pig and her 12 babies- recent arrivals but a new development coming out of our support for Grace Community Children Centre, Entebbe Uganda... an important means for ongoing support for their ministry.

Merrigum KYB Bible Study- 2nd & 4th Tuesdays- 
see Helen. Book of Hebrews.      
Ps. Felicity Reid Ph. (03) 58552429   mobile 0429866478
Ps. Helen & Ps. Bob Mathewson (03) 58231473
"Touching Hearts" Country Gospel- mobile 0427692385
Ps. Wayne & Deanne Phillingham- Ph. (03) 58130339
Sinai Ministries (Counselling)